welcome to Pumpkinfield…

…home to cellist, arranger, recording engineer and music setter Mister Pete Harvey.
Pumpkinfield is the studio he built in Perthshire in which he writes, plays and records.

Mister Harvey is delighted to provide any combination or variation of the following services:

  • Recording facilities (engineering and production for full band, chamber ensemble, solo/group projects)
  • Instrumental arrangements (particularly for strings)
  • Cello and string sessions
  • Musician and session fixing
  • Music transcription and setting

Mister Harvey can oft be found playing or recording with the Leg, Paul Vickers and the Leg, Emily Scott, Modern Studies, King Creosote and Iain Morrison.

He recently arranged strings for Lomond Campbell’s debut LP Black River Promise, which is to be re-released by Heavenly Recordings after a small initial release on Triassic Tusk; and he is currently working on the sophomore album of  Modern Studies, for release by fire Records in the new year.

Lomond Campbell – Black River Promise
(Strings arranged and recorded by Mister Harvey, and performed by the Pumpkinseeds)

Rob St. John & Pete Harvey – Farewell, Dear Love
(piano/cello arranged, recorded & mixed by Mister Harvey at Pumpkinfield)

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