Mister Harvey is always delighted to provide himself and his cello for the enjoyment of others, in the context of studio or live performance settings.

For a reasonably comprehensive list of projects in which Mister Harvey’s fingers have been found, please click here to visit the relevant portfolio page.

He is more than happy to travel, though being as he is the owner of Pumpkinfield Studio, can offer a remote session service, developing and recording parts and sending the results via the internet, thus cutting down on both studio time required, and the obstacle of physical distance.

His familiarity with Pumpkinfield and its associated equipment invariably ensures a fine sounding result.

As a cellist, Mister Harvey is a member of the Leg, pheonix from the combined ashes of critically acclaimed edinburgh bands Khaya and Desc.

“eternally brilliant” – David Pollock, the List

He is co-founder of the Rose Street Quartet and the Rose Street Ensemble.

“lovely cello tone” – Conrad Wilson, the herald

He has long-standing and ongoing performance and recording relationships with numerous artists including Emily Scott, Iain Morrison, King Creosote and Meursault.

Mister Harvey is very familiar in the studio environment, and has worked at some of the country’s leading establishments, including Chem 19, Watercolour, Riverside, Mobile with a Home, Castle of Doom and The Sonic Foundry; also south of the border in such places as Maida Vale and Air.

He has worked with artists more numerous to count accurately, including Snow Patrol, Emma Pollock, Withered Hand, Avital Raz, Camera Obscura, the Willard Grant Conspiracy, Degrassi, Injuns of Skye, Animal Magic Tricks, Ballboy, Thomas Truax, Alex Cornish, Damo Suzuki, Yvonne Lyon…