Music Setting

Mister Harvey has, through 15 years of arranging, become intimately familiar with Sibelius, the world’s leading music notation software.

In recent years, he has been called upon to produce orchestral scores for numerous projects for clients including:

  • Scottish Ballet
  • Ballet West (Utah, USA)
  • Kammerphilharmonie Graubúnden (Switzerland)
  • Jonathan Mills (Director, Edinburgh International Festival)
  • Malcolm Lindsay

Mister Harvey enjoys an ongoing working relationship with Scottish Ballet, for whom he has worked on a number of large productions. For details, please visit the Portfolio page.

Through years of interaction with both professional and amateur musicians, Mister Harvey is profoundly aware of the need for clarity in sheet music and how to provide the best starting point for a performer. He can advise on what must be communicated, and provide a variety of hows. He can edit existing material, transcribe handwritten scores, provide piano reductions etc., all to a high aesthetic standard.

As a rule of thumb he charges £25 per hour for this service.