Nice Things People Have Said

…of Lomond Campbell’s Black River Promise (2016):

‘Gorgeous strings build from a whisper – the arrangements are superlative’.

Record Collector – ****

‘sumptuous, romantic strings, arranged by Pete Harvey, recorded by a ten-piece ensemble in a castle and threaded through Black River Promise like a noble, mournful chorus behind Campbell’s yearning voice’.

The Scotsman – ****

‘masterful string playing and arranging’.

The List – ****

‘This is the first taste too of the Pumpkinseeds, the ten-piece string ensemble led by cellist, composer and Edinburgh scene Zelig, Pete Harvey. His arrangements embellish Campbell’s stark confessionals with a breadth and depth that brings them sensitively to life with a roaring empathy’.

Product Magazine

…of King Creosote’s From Scotland with Love:

‘[Miserable Strangers] is the album’s emotional pinnacle, buoyed by Pete Harvey’s majestic string arrangements’.

The Skinny – ****

‘The Pete Harvey-arranged strings through throughout From Scotland With Love are one of its defining features, and the backbone of the album.’

The Line of Best Fit – 8/10

‘Slow-building, layered harmonies are weaved with soul-stirring strings to superb and moving effect.’

Loud and Quiet – 9/10

…of Emily Scott’s Stray Light (Recorded at Pumpkinfield)

‘Deliberately recorded as live as possible… the strings are beautifully captured’.

Herald Scotland

…of Bastard Mountain’s Farewell, Bastard Mountain

‘Harvey and [Rory] Sutherland’s [Broken Records] string arrangements shine through becoming the backbone and, at times, the focus and emotive pull of the album’.


‘It also helps that nearly every song has some amazing string arrangement on it, an element of the album that immediately puts it in another league’.

Sam Loves Music

…of Ally Kerr’s Viva Melodia

‘…at its best when embelished with the gorgeous string arrangements of Pete Harvey’.

The Scotsman

…of Iain Morrison’s To the Horizon, Sir

‘the sparkling acoustics and Pete Harvey’s rich cello playing create a very magical and emotive sound’.

Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

‘there are some powerful individual ingredients, particularly Pete Harvey’s cello’

Herald Scotland

…of Meursault’s SAY Award shortlisted Something for the Weakened (arrangements by Mister Harvey, recorded and mixed at Pumpkinfield)

‘the album’s philharmonic arrangements revitalise Meursault: its strings and pianos are exquisite’

The List

‘…striking string arrangements’.

Herald Scotland

‘What this isn’t, you understand, is ‘lo-fi’ in the sense of an unclear or amateurish recording – captured in a proper studio for the first time, arrangements are spacious and complementary’


…of Seafieldroad’s There Are No Maps for This Part of the City

‘the title track, blessed with Pete Harvey’s string arrangements, finds a rare beauty in the art of music’

Herald Scotland