SONY DSCPumpkinfield offers a comfortable environment in an idyllic countryside setting for full band, chamber music group, session or solo artist recording and mixing.

It has a performer-friendly live room and separate acoustically treated control room with big comfy beanbags.

Mister Harvey has nearly 15 year of recording experience and has engineered for numerous highly reputed albums including Withered Hand’s Good News, the Leg’s An Eagle to Saturn and Meursault’s SAY award nominated Something for the Weakened.

StringsHis diverse musical background, large contact base, and facility on keyboard and cello give him unique capabilities as a producer.

Bridge of Earn, where Pumpkinfield nestles, is a small town just south of Perth in the Earn Valley. It’s right on the edge, so 20 seconds out of the door and one finds one’s-self strolling through open countryside bordered by rolling hills. It’s about 2 minutes from the M90, so really easy to get to (about 45 minutes north of Edinburgh).

Pumpkinfield offers a remote session service to provide recorded tracks for mixing off-site in the studio of your choice. Mister Harvey’s own cello tendencies may be procured in this manner, when cost or logistics make transporting him to the required location untenable. Furthermore, with a combination of the ravenous Pumpkinseeds session players, and Mister Harvey’s arranging skills, a great many options exist in this regard. In providing arranger, performer and studio all in one convenient parcel, Mister Harvey offers the possibility of keeping costs down without compromising on quality.


SONY DSCMister Harvey spent many years operating a mobile recording setup in Edinburgh, hopping from flat to hall to venue whilst honing his recording skills and acquiring more and more bits and bobs on the way. It stopped being easy carrying it all about, so he moved to Bridge of Earn, put it down, shuggled it about a bit, and turned it into Pumpkinfield Studio mark I.

‘What this isn’t, you understand, is ‘lo-fi’ in the sense of an unclear or amateurish recording – captured in a proper studio for the first time, arrangements are spacious and complementary.’ – BBC review of Meursault’s Something for the Weakened

This review was written before the studio proper was built – actually the album was recorded in an upstairs bedroom. Smiley face.

SONY DSCIn 2013 Pumpkinfield Mark II was finally built – a dedicated control room and live room joined together by a laundry for when folk get overexcited. A good many stories could be told of this period of transformation, but they will be withheld until Mister Harvey Has A Drink In Him.

Out of interest, the building of the studio freed up a spare upstairs bedroom so Missus Harvey, with a little help from Mister Harvey, created a human child to fill it.