…home to Mister Pete Harvey, a cellist and arranger specialising in writing and arranging for strings.

Pumpkinfield is a little studio he built near Perth in Scotland, in which he beavers away into the wee small hours.

He mainly plays the cello and writes and records string music, but he also rather enjoys recording bands, and has worked extensively as a copyist, producing large scale orchestral scores and part sets for clients world-wide.

This website is currently under construction, and often experiences little bursts of enhancement when Mister Harvey is deposited on a train for an extended period and has already done all his homework. Please ask if there’s anything you would like to know that is not yet on here. You can get in touch here.


String arrangement and production


‘Each song is lifted above its solipsistic origins towards something more expansive, as Campbell’s incisive lyrics tenderly glide above Pete Harvey’s swelling orchestral accompaniments, often recalling Robert Kirby’s tastefully haunting string arrangements on Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left.



An exotic background of classical training coupled with long periods of irresponsible behaviour in bands has given Mister Harvey a chameleonic capacity to move effortlessly between styles, whilst retaining a distinctive character entirely his own.

His approach as an arranger incorporates the oft overlooked traits of integrity and self-respect, balanced with sensitive consideration of the needs of the commissioner, a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of instruments, and an eye for the strengths of the performers involved.

Pumpkinfield is tailored to providing exceptional session recordings of strings and other classical instruments and ensembles, utilising carefully selected hardware including preamps and ADCs by Neve, Grace Design and MOTU and microphones by AKG, Schoeps and Coles.

Mister Harvey recently arranged and recorded strings for Lomond Campbell’s debut LP Black River Promise, which was re-released by Heavenly Recordings in November 2017 and performed live in August:


‘sumptuous, romantic strings, arranged by Pete Harvey, recorded by a ten-piece ensemble in a castle and threaded through Black River Promise like a noble, mournful chorus behind Campbell’s yearning voice’

– The Scotsman ****


He is currently recording and mixing the sophomore album by Modern Studies (of which he is a member), scheduled for release by Fire Records in early 2018. The album features intricate arrangements for the strings, brass and voices of the Pumpkinseeds Chamber Orchestra.

The Pumpkinseeds Chamber Orchestra


The Pumpkinseeds Chamber Orchestra is a collective of live and studio session musicians. They are a group of exceptionally talented friends gathered from all walks of musical life and nurtured in the fertile furrows of Pumpkinfield. It is humbling for Mister Harvey to be able to bring together such gifted folk as these, who revel in giving so much of themselves in making the music of others. Their skills constantly keep Mister Harvey on his toes and he thanks them kindly for their constant enthusiasm and consistent artistry.

It is no overstatement to declare that they profoundly inform his writing. They are a discerning bunch – and rightly so, as their talents are rare and their expertise hard earned. It is Mister Harvey’s belief that a performer should be as excited by the music they play as an audience – they should want to perform it as an audience should want to hear. No glib passages, or filler, or rests without reason – their time is precious and should not be wasted. Their individual talents give form to fancy and voice to vagary, and their contributions must be rewarded with considered writing which does not patronise or fritter.


Freelance cellist and pianist


As a cellist and pianist, Mister Harvey can oft be found gigging or recording with the Leg, Paul Vickers and the Leg, Emily Scott, Modern Studies, King Creosote and Iain Morrison.

He is available (often) for gigs and (sometimes) for tours.